churchSave Software


Add your members information and have the ability to monitor and track your members profile records, tithe payments, welfare payment, donations, attendance, groups joined, etc. with a few clicks and less struggle.
Send SMS messages to all your members, specific users, all groups, specific groups, all system users, and specific system users.
churchSave give you the ability to send Alert messages to your members regarding tithe payment, welfare payment, and birthdays even though it’s optional to use.
Our Attendance Have Three (3) Categories

Counting: This gives you the ability to count your membership attendance and record in the system.
Marking: This aspect enables you to mark your members manually in the system to indicate those present at church as well visitors. There is an option for recording body temperature in case of contact tracing.
Facial/Biometric: This requires the use of facial or biometric device to record attendance. All that members have to do is to use their face to clock or biometric.
Manage all your users from one single view. This gives you the ability to add, edit, and delete system users.
Also, you assign roles and edit roles of users access rights or permissions, reset the permissions, and reset the password of the user.
Manage all your groups in the church with less efforts. You have the ability to add your members that belongs to the groups, monitor those active, dormant, deceased, and transferred as well.
Again, you have the ability to make all group leaders to send reports on any activity organized or taken.
Get to manage and track all your events in the church with few clicks. You can categorize your events and add all your events which you will be organizing.
You get the option of registering participants for any of your events with a unique registration ID for the event.
The screen resolution of the software have been responsively optimized for all devices to display contents without any struggle.
No more struggles to monitor activities in different branches of your church or denomination.
With simple clicks, get to know what is going on in all your branches just as with your branch.
You have the ability to add branches as main branches or sub branches under main branches.
To ensure effective privacy and absolute control of the system, you have the ability to manage all users access rights to prevents unauthorized access to information.
Therefore, you can assign what users have to do based on the access levels.
This aspects give you the ability to manage your;

Tithes Payments
Welfare Payments
Fund Raisings
And Other Financial Income.
Monitor your day to day expenses from a central point. You have the ability the categorize your expenses for proper records.
This feature helps you to add your expenses and keeps tracks of them as to how the church is spending.
Any challenge faced throughout and after Election, our team is ready to assist you.